maandag 24 maart 2014

Back in London again!

It has been a few weeks since my previous post, but I did not have much to write about.

One interesting thing, we had a little break the weekend before last, another weekend in London, this time with my better half… it was gorgeous spring weather, we were so lucky.

Any trip we take always involves f – o – o – d .
On Friday it already started in the train from the airport to Victoria Station: a little detour to the M&S shop at the airport for a snack on the train:

Once checked into the hotel we first went for a lovely lunch at Lebanese restaurant Comptoir, not only was the food great, but the atmosphere as well:

When I am in London with my husband our first visit is usually to Denmark Street where the guitar shops are located

After that we went to The British Museum, which I wanted to visit for years already,
because of this, the Great Court and it was spectacular!

And just like the Victoria and Albert Museum, no entry fee, you can visit the museum for free (you can leave a donation), can you imagine that in our country?
On Saturday I spent time in the cellar of Shaukat again, that Alladin’s cave filled with Liberty fabrics, I got some nice scraps:

Lunch at the Farmer’s Market on King’s Road, yes, the oyster truck was there again!
The afternoon was spent here:
And dinner was at our favourite Indian restaurant, Massala Zone
Sunday we woke up to another sunny day, this was the view from our hotelroom that morning:
When the weather permits we usually go for a long walk on Sunday morning in London and I can never resist pictures of those London entrances, I love them!

And in case you were wondering, yes, we were in London the same weekend as my fellow Feathergirl Hubertine and it really was a coincidence we booked this trip in the same weekend, we had a good laugh when we found out a few weeks before!
So now it’s back home and back to handquilting my Jacob’s Ladder, which is another reason for not writing a lot on my blog, this just takes a long time but I do want to concentrate on it as much as I can, can’t let this become a ufo!
Just like in my London pictures I see the sun is out again now, enjoy!

maandag 3 maart 2014

Feathergirls 2.0

A few blogposts ago I wrote about oiling my black Featherweight, The Duchess,  and starting a new Feathergirls project together with fellow Feathergirl Hubertine.

The plan is the same as our first Feathergirls project: a traditional quilt, antique style, not difficult so it will not take up too much time (so many other projects fighting for our attention) and – at least the top – has to be made on our Featherweight machines.

So – like last time – we each planned what we wanted to do and recently we got together at Hubertine’s for ‘the big reveal’, this is what I plan to make, Ohio Stars!

I love this simple block and this is a good opportunity to make a quilt with Ohio Stars. My blocks will be 6” x 6” finished.

I have no idea how these blocks eventually will become a quilt top but I am sure that will come to me as I progress.

Hubertine’s plan for her second Feathergirls quilt is here, on her blog.
My first Feathergirls project is not finished yet, I am still hand quilting my Jacob’s Ladder and had a great opportunity to do a lot of that last Wednesday during mine (and Hubertine’s) first visit to Karen’s Quilt CafĂ© at her beautiful B&B.
It was a gorgeous spring morning with bright blue skies. This was the view of the Hertogshoeve B&B, driving into Rijpwetering.
We were met by Karen with coffee and homemade cakes and had a lovely time with all the ladies there….. and the chickens who walked around the building.
Karen made lunch of leek soup and a smoked chicken breast sandwich, yum!
I managed to get a lot of quilting done, without the usual interruptions you get at home.

Slowly but steadily the quilting is progressing, hopefully I will get some time this week to do more!

woensdag 5 februari 2014

Betty Prins Show and Tell

The above picture means that today was Betty Prins’ Show & Tell at Karen’s beautiful Bed & Breakfast De Hertogshoeve.

An impression:

Karen’s gorgeous kitchen:-

And then this:-

Karen (in her new apron which matched her glasses perfectly!)  introduces Betty :-



The beautiful backing of this quilt:-

And again a beautiful backing (on all her quilts by the way):-

Inspired by the French sunshine:-

A gorgeous wip:-

Apart from Betty’s quilts there was also the opportunity to admire one of Karen’s quilts, the Sarah Morrell: -

A lovely morning thanks to Karen’s hospitality and the inspiration drawn from Betty’s beautiful quilts, thank you ladies!

dinsdag 28 januari 2014

Quilting my Jacob's Ladder quilt

Before starting a new Feathergirls project, an update of the first one: recently I started quilting my Jacob’s Ladder quilt. I decided to handquilt it, had not done handquilting in a long time and I love the process.

These are the pattern pieces I made for the quilting patterns. I decided to treat the area where 4 blocks come together as a block on itself, regarding the quilting pattern.


Hope you can make out the pattern.

Then, regarding the two-colored lines that cross the quilt, I decided to use this pattern piece, there will be 3 of these quilted in one (2-colored) piece of a line – oh dear, hope that makes sense to you…-.


Because my eyesight is not what it used to be, my stitches are not as small as they used to be, but I don’t mind, my goal now is just to make even stitches.

I am using a #10 quilting needle and Yli quilting thread in Ecru. As markers I use Sewline pencils, a grey one and a white one.

And now for something that really made me happy: in the past when I quilted I would always do serious damage to the top of my left hand middle finger, I used that to feel if the needle has come thru all 3 layers, so I use it as a kind of pincushion (I have tried other ways : thimble pad, spoon etc. but none of it worked for me).
After a quilting session my finger would be bloody and sore and I could not quilt for 1 – 2 days waiting for it to heal, before I could quilt again.

But now I have found what works for me, this!

My English (quilt)friend Emma recommended this to help with another problem I have with my hands in wintertime (splitting cuticles, ouch!) I bought this in London.

And then I figured why not put a few layers of this wonderful stuff on my left hand middle finger before I start quilting to protect my skin. And yessss! It worked! Now I can still feel the needle coming thru all the layers and the only thing that gets damaged is those layers of ‘New Skin’. My own skin does not get damaged at all and I can quilt day after day after day….. it is wonderfull!


So, if any of you experience the same problem try and get a hold of a bottle of ‘New Skin’,  I bought mine at a Boots in London , but they are all over the UK.

Happy quilting!