vrijdag 10 maart 2017

The forever student

In our country there is the term ‘forever student’(eeuwige student), by this we used to mean young people who took forever to finish a university degree. They were probably having too much of a good time to actually study a lot … 😉

Although not in the way this expression was originally meant, I am something of a ‘forever student’,  always curious to learn new things or find out more about things that interest me.

Over the years I followed a training to be a beautician (next to my day job at the time) , a gold smith course (but after hurting myself in a nasty way a few times I concluded that it was safer for me to work with fabrics and pins rather than with steel, tools and machines…), all kinds of cookery courses, an Italian language course and just out of interest and because I did not have the opportunity at the time, about ten years ago I went to (Leiden) Law School for a few years.

Too many interests, so many things to learn…

So patchwork and quilting…

Except for a period of 12 years where I did not have time for it due to family and work commitments this passion has been with me since the late 80’s of the previous century (…) and I of course I followed a lot of courses and workshops since. As a ‘forever student ‘I just like the process of learning new things, of satisfying my curiosity.

The past few months I have been following a course that really triggered the forever student in me…. I love it! For a long time I have admired Marcha’s (click) work, it is so neat, so clean, so precise. Once a year at her shop the Quiltster (click) she offers a course (click)  on techniques based on the Dear Jane quilt. And even though I have been a quilter for quite some time now I am learning so many new things about various techniques and find my work is improving. We only have two more dates left on our course, sad to see the end of this.

I don’t want to reveal anything about the actual work, but let me show you a few pictures of those course days(the picture above shows that we are well cared for by Marcha’s mum with coffee, tea and yummy cakes):-

Marcha’s shop at the new location is great, lots of light, filled with quilts, projects, beautiful fabrics, delicious tea and Bunzlau pottery

The course takes place on the open second floor: my busy fellow students and our teacher Marcha… see you again in a few weeks, ladies  :-) 

So far these are the blocks I finished:

And the blocking board that Judith (click) gave me last December comes in handy now, so thank you again, Juud. 

So will I make a Dear Jane quilt… never say never!

And speaking of students, Anja, one of the participants of the Happy Scrappy Workshop (click) that I taught with Hubertine (click) as the Feathergirls two weeks ago, is really on a roll, she made so many blocks already, have a look at her blog (click), really nice to see this as a result!


dinsdag 28 februari 2017

Feathergirls Happy Scrappy Workshop at Quilt It and Dotty

Our first workshop, last Saturday. Yes, we (fellow Feathergirl Hubertine (click) and I) were a bit nervous, but also excited. Excited to see how we would do, which new people we would meet, would they enjoy what we had come up with for them, what would the atmosphere be like…

As it turned out we had nothing to worry about. With the organization of the day in the capable hands of the ‘hostess with the mostest’ Dorry (click ), her beautiful shop next door on the premises (there were so many ladies who wanted to attend Dorry was kind enough to open up her home for the workshop) and a lovely, fun and energetic group of quilters ready to do some serious scrap busting,  it was a fun filled day.

We were happy to share our idea’s, patterns and stories, the ladies present were happy to share their enthusiasm and their stories.

An impression….

Sweet James welcoming us

Some ladies had very special sewing machines

The labels on this case!

Time for some action!

A yummy lunch a.o. home made quiche, home made soup, and traditional regional sausage buns

As it happens it was the Carnival/Mardi Gras weekend and one of the floats of the local Carnival organisation was kept and later on wheeled out of storage at Dorry’s farm

Alaaf, Dorry!

Time to get back to work, Hubertine showing the big stitch quilting method

Before we leave some shopping at Dorry’s lovely quiltshop next door on the premises

Other blogposts about this day can be found - of course - at fellow Feathergirl Hubertine’s blog (click) and at the blog of one of our ladies at the workshop, Anja (click), it was great meeting you Anja, can’t wait to see what you will make.

Thank you so much to all of you (Feathergirl Hubertine, Dorry and our lovely attendees) for making this such a memorable day!


woensdag 15 februari 2017

Show and Tell a la Marja

Well, I just returned from a great morning attending Marja’s (from the blog Sweet Home A La Marja, click) show and tell at Karen’s (click for her blog) bed and breakfast (click) and I thought I would share it with you straight away.

By now a yearly event at Karen’s, a Dutch quilter is invited to share her quilts and stories, a Dutch quiltstore is in attendance to make sure that once inspired by all we have seen we can make some purchases and do not leave empty handed and Karen herself (helped by some trainees) makes sure we are well catered for.
It was fun seeing some familiar faces, meeting new quilters and of course seeing all the beauties Marja brought with her.

The shop this time was the Quiltster (click) by Marcha, who was constantly too busy for me to be able to make a good picture, but I will make up for that in a later blogpost.

Now for the show and tell:

A colorful start

Small, but very special, made from her father’s old ties

A navy man

Some red, white and blue

Lots of colorful beauties

This was adorable, she appliqued her house and some of her own animals in the centre

A very special Dear Jane, with old and reproduction feed sack fabrics

Her version of the 1718 Coverlet

Beautiful old tops

And how about this one

And her version (still under construction) of the compass quilt owned by the Polak family shown at an exhibition in 2015 (click for my blogpost of my visit) , as the original, Marja’s version is a stunner

She not only showed us quilts and quilt tops, but also shared some of her large collection of old embroidery

And so-called ‘baafjes’ (a part of Dutch traditional costume)

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of a lovely morning, thank you to Marja, Karen, Betty, Marcha and Karen’s trainees J