dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

When you have nothing to blog about....

…then don’t blog.

Well, that is what I think, so it was a little quiet here.

Not that I haven’t been busy, I have, but with things I did not care to blog about, so it has been a few weeks since my last blogpost.

Also, unfortunately, I did not have much time to stitch, but I did find time to square up 3 blocks of my King George III quilt, so here they are:
Block 1:
Block 2:

Block 3:
And I attended a workshop at the Quilterspalet, all about the Marti Michell templates. I found these really handy and apart from learning about these, Evy gave a few tips to improve my way of using the rotary cutter, very helpful indeed!

On non-quilt related matters, we visited the new Markthal in Rotterdam and were impressed. What a great building! And the artwork on the ceiling!

Those square windows you see …. They are from apartments, people actually live there! And are able to look down at all the hustle and bustle down there.

Silly us, we went two days after the Markthal officially opened, so it was just too busy to really enjoy the place and look at all the market stalls with food. We were lucky to find a place at the Vietnamese stall, where we enjoyed a lovely Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) , but other than that we did not stand a chance. But I will return soon!
Also – sort of food related – Onno and I attended a coffee tasting workshop at our local Nespresso Boutique and we were amazed. We learned so much about not just the taste of coffee, but also its origins and the way Nespresso conducts its business (Fairtrade) , now I understand why politically correct George Clooney is in their tv commercials, I always wondered about that….

Early October it is my birthday, a quiet affair, but I was spoilt with lovely presents from friends and family and my better half surprised me with a gorgeous, huge bunch of red roses.
The roses lasted for nine (!) days, I could not resist another picture of the last day, look how big they had become!
This week it’s a school holiday week over here, so I will be spending time with my teenager (shopping…) , hopefully I will find some time to stitch as well…  and you do too!

maandag 29 september 2014

Crochet finish, sort of...

After finishing my Lucy’s Ladder quilt, I wanted to do something different, just for a little bit, so I revisited my granny square project.

All 120 granny squares were finished, they needed to be put together into a blanket. I tried to crochet them together, in two different ways, but did not like the effect. The whole thing did not lie flat, which is what a want, I am a quilter after all! So, being a quilter, I decided to sew them together.

I made rows to make sure that – even though they are all different – granny squares that looked a bit alike would not be put next to eachother.

Whopper was guarding the little piles to make sure no one would mess them up!

Sewing these granny squares together goes so much faster that sewing those fabric patches!

After a few days this was the result.

It still needs a crochet border, I will think about that later, after a week of this crochet project I was itching to go back to quilting again!

During the weekend we visited a culinary festival in Scheveningen and with Scheveningen being a fishing port it could only be about fish, the name for the festival was appropriate: Vissch!

The set up was that several fish restaurants from Scheveningen presented smaller versions of some of their dishes, a great idea!

A few dishes that we tried:

The fish and chips from restaurant Day by Day

The lobster from restaurant At Sea

The lobster ravioli from restaurant Het Gouden Kalf

Crabcakes from restaurant At Sea again (crabcakes on any menu anywhere, I have to try them!)
And these had loads of crab meat, yum!
Also for dessert we stayed at the At Sea tent, Caipirinha ice cocktail with strawberries and limoncello froth.

It was a the first time for this Festival, I sure hope it will return!
 Enjoy your week!

maandag 8 september 2014

First Feathergirls Finish!

Finally, Hubertine and I can reveal the quilts we made for our first Feathergirls project!

And that it took a while was ‘my bad’ as they say, since I really wanted to handquilt my quilt, Hubertine finished her quilt a while ago.
Click here to look at Hubertine’s finished quilt.

And here is mine, tadaaah!


Quilt stats:

Size: 79.5” (202 cm) x 62”  (157 cm)

Block: Jacob’s Ladder, 9”

Quilting: by hand with YLI quilting thread in Ecru

Fabric: 100% cotton

Batting: 100% cotton


Of course my quilt has a name and a label:


I named my quilt after Lucy (click), for the reasons explained on the label. Ever since I found out about quilting blogs and found Lucy’s first blog (click) I loved what I saw there (same as on her second blog (click) ). Her work is beautiful, she takes her inspiration from old quilts, the kind of quilts that would actually be used and I love her fabric choices. What I also admire is that she works so independent of trends and fashions in the quilt world. Her quilt blogs and also her 365 days blogs here (click) and here (click) are a great source of inspiration for me.

So when I saw she gave a workshop at the Sampler in Haarlem a few years ago I jumped at the chance. It was a workshop for beginners on the sewing machine and – having made everything by hand up until then – I really wanted to learn making quilts on the sewing machine, that would be so much faster. I had done a workshop like that before but I after that first one I still did not like working on a machine. So I decided to give it another try.

During Lucy’s workshop we made a Jacob’s Ladder block and even though I made a number of mistakes that day, somehow her workshop gave me the confidence to do patchwork on a sewing machine. After her workshop I made Eline’s Stars (machine patched and partly machine quilted) and found I really enjoyed working on a machine.

So when Hubertine and I decided to make our first quilts on our newly acquired Featherweight machines as the Feathergirls (click) it was only fitting I should use the Jacob’s Ladder block.  I did make it a different size than the block we made during Lucy’s workshop, hers was in cm’s , mine is 9”.


Since this is a combined project, Hubertine and I wanted to photograph our quilts together and last week it was perfect weather to do so:


Fun to see the quilts like this!

We really enjoyed doing this together and as you may know we have each already started our second Feathergirls quilt, here (click)  and here (click).

So onwards and forwards with our second Feathergirls quilts!


dinsdag 26 augustus 2014


During our ‘staycation’ this year I had time to sew and time for some sew-related activities, so you might also call it a sewcation. By the way,  I did not think of these words myself, but read them on other blogs in the past and they are very applicable to my situation this summer.

The one project I really wanted to work on was Phebe. As you may know I have a love-hate relationship with her, I still think Di Ford’s pattern is beautiful, but I have made some big mistakes in the past and therefore it takes me so long that now and then Phebe gets boxed for a while.

But she came out of her box this summer and I really enjoyed working on the big applique border.

Unfortunately that border is not finished yet, but now I know which fabrics I want to use, I will keep on working on this now at a steady pace.
When I wanted to ‘unbox’ Phebe I found I really sort of had to fight my way to her box, my sewing room was in such a state! So I spent time clearing out my room and found a lot of things I do not need (anymore), some could be thrown away and some will be sold over the next period, I will post them bit by bit on Quilten Paginamarkt.

Now my sewing room looks ‘workable’ again, but cleaning it out also showed me all that had been hiding in the dark corners…..I  find my number of ‘ufo’s’ and ‘wip’s’ shocking…. How did that happen?!

But………. one ‘wip’ turned into an ‘affo’ this summer……

A label was made..

And the binding…
But more on that  in a later blogpost.
Now it is time to walk this little man, who has been waiting patiently for me to finish this blogpost and for the rain to finally end.
Thank you for visiting!

dinsdag 19 augustus 2014


This year we were able to have our yearly holiday in April/May, thanks to Eline’s school for once making the clever decision to give the kids 2 weeks off (rather than the usual broken up period of a few days off, a few days school, a long weekend off, a few days school etc.) .

But this did mean we stayed home during the summer, a so-called staycation. And we loved it! Most of the time is was beautiful weather and there still was lots happening.

A few examples:

First of all and a highlight was meeting Melissa. I have been a follower of hers for some time so when the opportunity presented itself and she and her family were in The Hague a meeting was quickly organised, and although – due to their schedule – it was short, it was fun! We hit it off (as did the husbands) and even the tops we were wearing looked alike, apparently we own the same shoes too.

Melissa’s first book was published last week, you may want to check it out on her blog.

We met at the Café George which had only opened two weeks earlier. We were lucky enough to be invited for the opening night which was very enjoyable.
The place looks fresh and clean, the atmosphere is great, service is very friendly and the food is yummy! And nothing wrong with free champagne on opening night!


Then there was the recital by Wibi Soerjadi, at his estate Wulperhorst.

Not only known as a brilliant pianist, but also for his love of everything Disney, this was the foyer

and this the room where the recital would be held.

Even the carpet was it style!

We were not allowed to take pictures of the recital, but is was fabulous. I think there were only about 40 people there at the most and being so close we had a good look at his hands, amazing. To my surprise he played a number of pieces he composed himself.

After the recital there was a draw and we won a bottle of Prosecco and a cd to be signed during a meet and greet!
Wibi was really friendly and took all the time posing for pictures (by which time he was wearing gloves to protect his hands).

Now the weather has turned and slowly different fruits are ready for picking. I was able to pick some beautiful plums from a friend’s tree.

and yesterday made it into a plum cake, which tasted great. I used this recipe if you want to make one too. Think it would work with other fruits (apples?) as well.


These were just a few highlights of my staycation.
Of course there was time for sewing too, more on that in my next blogpost.
Enjoy your week!