maandag 23 februari 2015

Feathergirls 2.0, high time for an update!

Has it really been this long?! It must be, the last Feathergirls blogpost is from July 14 of last year, so it is high time for an update.

You may remember Hubertine and I finished our first Feathergirls quilts last year and showed them here (Hubertine, click) and here (mine, click).

And we already started our new Feathergirls quilts (Feathergirls 2.0, so to speak) , I blogged about my new Feathergirls project here(click) and here (click) and Hubertine blogged about hers here (click)and here (click).

Since we felt it was high time for an update Hubertine and I got together for a Feathergirl’s afternoon, we had planned to do some sewing….
But since it had been a while since we saw each other we wound up just chatting the afternoon away, but we did make some nice pictures in her new wonderful, bright en cozy sewingroom
J !

Anyway this is where I am at, all Ohio Star blocks finished, nicely sorted out in little piles, I found I made two too many, they may come in handy later on with the label, we’ll see.

On my designwall they looked like this

Since my first Feathergirls quilt (the Jacob’s Ladder quilt) was already a quilt with straight quiltblocks I decided to turn my Ohio Stars blocks and place them on point, so now I have this:

How to proceed from here? I have a large piece of a dark fabric that I really wanted to use and it is perfect for this project, to use as alternate blocks for the light and colourful Ohio Star block:

So that is what I will do!

You can have a look here (click) at Hubertine’s blog for her Feathergirls 2.0 update.

Promise a next update will not take this long!



donderdag 22 januari 2015

Edyta again!

And there she was again, Edyta!

Yes, I am lucky enough to have seen Edyta and her quilts twice! This time she gave a trunkshow at my local quiltshop, the Quilterspalet in The Hague and again it was fun and inspiring!
The evening was cold outside but inside the atmosphere was warm en relaxed.
Edyta wowed us again with her quilts and her warm personality:




Hubertine and I had the best seats in the house, sitting in front of this ever growing pile of shown quilts!

Afterwards Edyta signed my books and there was time for a chat and a few jokes.

And then, after a wonderful evening it was time for us to go home and also for Edyta. She told us she is travelling back home today, on her birthday,  and I am sure I speak for everyone who attended her workshops and trunkshows when I say we hope she will return soon for more teaching and trunkshows. With over 500 quilts that she made, there is lots more to see and learn!

Hoping I get some sewing time today, I am so inspired by all this.
Hope you are too!


zondag 18 januari 2015

Edyta and a very special evening

Sometimes you simply have the best of days and yesterday was one of them.

After an early start and a gorgeous drive from one side of our country to the other side (unfortunately on my own, so no pictures of the beautiful sunrise over the frozen fields) I was early to arrive in beautiful Zutphen for the trunkshow and workshop by Edita Sytar that Petra Prins organised.

As usual Petra took really good care of us, look at the goody bag that was waiting for us!

And the mug in the picture was part of the goody bag too, we used it for our coffee/tea, Petra said to take it home with us afterwards, because she ‘doesn’t like washing up’ J !
The morning was taken up by Edyta’s trunkshow (with some help from her husband, Michael) ! Soooooo many beautiful quilts:

And can you believe that this was just a selection of the quilts we saw, very difficult to make a choice for the pictures in this blogpost. This is a hard working lady, Edyta told us she owns more than 500 quilts she made herself…… and a loads of antique quilts too (I forget the number she mentioned… was it over a hundred?)!

She gave a great presentation of various techniques some of which she also demonstrated during the workshop after lunch.

In our goody bag we found a little kit to make a pincushion, I did start on mine, but was too busy chatting and looking at the quilts again to finish it.

After all this of course I visited Petra’s shop, always a pleasure as was seeing some familiar faces during the workshop.

And visiting Zutphen, such a beautiful town.

After the long drive back home I had half an hour to change before a very special evening: a wonderful dinner hosted by a friend who decided she would celebrate her 50th  birthday in style, by booking a complete restaurant for all her girlfriends and female family members!

A special menu:

and little cards she made to put in front of our plates so we would know each other’s name and our connection with her, a great idea and so thoughtful!

I got home well after midnight and a just a little worse for wear, after the champagne and the wine, but hey, it was a special occasion and a special day!

And while I was making this blogpost just now my (very wise) friend sent me two pictures which I thought I’d share with you:

Thank you to Petra, Bep, Gerda, Esther, Edyta, Michael and my friend (50 is the new 30, I know it is ;-) !! ) for such a wonderful, memorable day full of fun and inspiration!


dinsdag 6 januari 2015

The beginning of a new year..

Best wishes to everyone for a healthy, happy and creative 2015!

With regards to the new year lots of people have resolutions, how they plan to lose weight, to exercise more etc. etc. ,  but I am afraid I do not.

I do have plans though, plans and wishes.
Quiltwise, I will just mosey along with all the projects that I am working on, maybe one or two new ones, we’ll see, a block here, a block there, some hand stitching, some machine stitching…

Otherwise, my main wish is to remain healthy and of course I wish the same for everyone else, I plan to enjoy and share lots of yummy food with family and friends and hope to be able to enjoy some travelling again this year.
I plan to have lots of fun and to have a positive outlook on things and wish to be surrounded by those who feel and aim for the same. No negativity here, please!

And how about some perfect timing: this morning I was walking Whopper and this is what I saw looking across the lake in my neighbourhood….


A beautiful start of the day and that at the beginning of a new year!
So after the last two weeks of travelling, food, enjoying the company of some lovely people, this weekend I had time to do some stitching again and that felt really good, I had missed it!

Before the busy Xmas period I did manage to square up a few more blocks of my King George III quilt:

Block 4:

Block 5:

Block 6:

A few workshops for January are in my diary already (some time ago since I have done that, am soooo looking forward to them!), more on that in future blogposts.

And this evening is the first evening of my bee in the new year, looking forward to seeing the girls again!